The ULg's doctoral students can now deposit their publications on ORBi

Several improvements have been made to the reference deposit form, in terms of encoding authors' names. The most important consists of the addition of the possibility of selecting co-authors within the ULg student database (Penelope). A function which has been much awaited by ULg doctoral students who are not members of the university's personnel.

studentUp until now only ULg and CHU members could post their publications on ORBi. Now, at the request notably of the Doctoral Students Network, ULg students also have this possibility.

Similarly, authors from now on have the possibility of adding co-authors who are found in the University's student database. After having introduced the first letters of a co-author's name, the depositor can make a choice from one of the two lists offered: that originating from the university personnel database but also that of students who are enrolled in a regular way at the ULg.

Beyond the fact that these publications produced within the ULg can now be included in the institutional bibliography and can acquire new visibility thanks to ORBi, another advantage is that the publication is associated with the person's ULg identifier. This will in particular enable doctoral students who later on become assistants at the ULg to continue having their publications associated with them, despite the fact that their status has changed.

For doctoral students who are also members of the university's personnel and thus have several identifiers (uxxxxxx or cxxxxxx in addition to sxxxxxx), it is recommended that they privilege their member of personnel status.