Open Access in Belgium and elsewhere: sustained growth!!!

In this month of April, ORBi has reached a new landmark: 60,000 references, of which over 36,000 (60%) are provided with full text versions (50% of them available on open access). An international visibility which is booming as we can observe on average over a thousand daily downloads which originate from all over the world!

Open Access today: becoming more and more essential!

Currently over 20% of the whole of the world's academic and scientific literature is already available on Open Access: 8.5% in periodicals on open access and 11.9% via institutional repositories (Björk, 2010), figures which are constantly growing.

oa growth
  • In Belgium: over 620,000 references in the universities’ institutional repositories. A genuine mine of information on research in Belgium!
    • UGent Institutional Archive (142,176 references, 10,315 with fulltexts)
    • IRUA : Universiteit Antwerpen (57,597 references)
    • LIRIAS : KULeuven (242.050 references, 22.572 with fulltexts)
    • Document Server@UHasselt (10,417 references, 2,599 with fulltexts)
    • DIAL : Académie Louvain (55,506 references, 12,330 with fulltexts)
    • DI-fusion : Université Libre de Bruxelles (56,669 references, 7,517 with fulltexts)
    • ORBi : ULg (60,110 references, 36,200 with fulltexts)
  • Abroad:
  • Integrative tools:
    • 25,506,183 references accessible via Base, the "meta-motor" of research established by Bielefeld University Library to search via a single interface the contents of over 1,700 institutional repositories!
    • Around 2,000 repositories on Open Access signposted by OpenDOAR.

Further information via "The Dramatic Growth of Open Access Series".