Summer reading

Summer is the perfect time to update your knowledge about Open Science and Open Access. Here's a brief reading list:

10 questions about Open Science

Why open the Science ? What is Open Access, Open Data? How to create an Open Culture and Promote Open Science? 

This brochure made in collaboration with the Research & Development service of the ULiège summerises in 10 questions the definition of Open Science and it's implications.

OA at ULiège and in Belgium

This leaflet briefly presents the Open Access movement at ULiège, in Belgium and the green and gold road.

Open Science, the challenge of transparency by B. Rentier

"A new way of conceiving scientific research, open science, was born with the computer revolution. In the wake of Open Access (free access to the results of publicly funded research), it goes hand in hand with the great ideal of transparency that is now invading all spheres of life in society. This book describes its origins, perspectives and objectives, and reveals the obstacles and obstacles due to private profit and academic conservatism."


image : CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 by Merlijn Hoek