PubMed increases ORBi’s visibility!

Since May, PubMed (the well-known search engine for biomedical sciences) offers a direct link to ORBi’s Open Access full texts !

This new feature increases ULiège publications visibility. We already count more than 19 200 additional views within 4 months thanks to PubMed.

(See ORBi’s usage statistics)

The implementation of this new feature by the United States National Library of Medicine proves the dynamism of the Open Access movement and demonstrates that it offers a lot of opportunities (free and easy access to research results, sharing of advanced knowledge and scientific findings…).

There are currently 6.530 publications on ORBi concerned by this integration to the PubMed "LinkOut tool".


Inclusion criteria

  • Give immediate Open Access to the full text
  • Include the Pubmed identifier (pmid)

Link to ORBi

  • From the ORBi logo
    (top right corner)
  • From the "LinkOut – More options"menu
    (at the bottom)


ORBi logo may not be visible if the full text is already on Open Access in PubMed Central or on the publisher website.


This integration of Pubmed is very good news for the visibility of ULiège researcher’s publications and for research itself. It comes in addition to the many other portals where ORBi is indexed.


More information on how ORBi boosts your visibility !