New functionality: Generate your publication lists

ULg researchers can now generate their complete publication list, those of their laboratory or research team, etc. This can be made quickly and with a well-crafted format.

This functionality will be specially useful for F.R.S.-FNRS candidates who can easily produce their publication list in the requested format.

Presentation session:
Thursday 18/02/2010 (13.00 - 13.30) - Location: B6d R.30

reportThese lists can be:

  • displayed according to the models defined in collaboration with the different faculties, and also according to the F.R.S.-FNRS models;
  • easily generated in different formats (pdf, rtf, txt, ps, html and xml);
  • enriched by supplementary elements such as bibliometric indicators (Impact Factor, EigenFactor, number of citations picked up from Google Scholar or from the Web of Science...).

This new functionality is accessible to identified users from their MyORBi.

Please note that modifications have been made to the MyORBi page to emphasize available functionalities. Among these, it's now possible to visualize in a quick look access statistics for archived publications.