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See detailLa cartographie des forêts anciennes en Wallonie
Kervyn, Thierry; Branquart, Etienne; Dufrêne, Marc ULiege

Poster (2011)

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See detailLa Celestina de José Luis Gómez: cuatro apreciaciones
Francois, Jeromine ULiege

in Celestinesca (2016), 40

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See detailLa Cellule qualité de l'unité de technologie des industries agro-alimentaires
Sindic, Marianne ULiege

Conference (2005, February 17)

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See detailla celulas immovilizadas. Technicas de la ingenieta bioquimica
Thonart, Philippe ULiege; Paquot, Michel ULiege; baijot, B. et al

in Interferon y Biotechnologica, (1984)

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See detailLa censure invisible
Durand, Pascal ULiege

Book published by Actes Sud (2006)

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See detailLa céramique tournée à dégraissant coquillier dans le nord-est de la Gaule
Deru, Xavier ULiege

in Demarolle, Jeanne (Ed.) Histoire et céramologie en Gaule mosellane (SarLorLux) (2002)

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See detailLa Chimiste et l’Alchimiste à la racine du goût
Goffin, Dorothée ULiege

Conference given outside the academic context (2014)

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See detailLa Chine, le sujet et le travail manuel dans la lecture de Michelle Loi
Cavazzini, Andrea ULiege

Diverse speeche and writing (2010)

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See detailLa chondroprotection aujourd’hui
Reginster, Jean-Yves ULiege; Ethgen, Olivier ULiege; Dang Vu, T

in Rhumatologie (2000), 52(8), 13-16

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See detailLa christianisation des campagnes: une préoccupation liégeoise à l’époque moderne?
Henneau, Marie-Elisabeth ULiege

in Henneau, Marie-Elisabeth; Massaut, Jean-Pierre (Eds.) La christianisation des campagnes (1996)

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See detailLa cinétique cellulaire tumorale: aspects cliniques «à la recherche du temps perdu»
Coucke, Philippe ULiege; Paschoud, N

in Bulletin du Cancer. Radiothérapie : Journal de la Société Française du Cancer : Organe de la Société Française de Radiothérapie Oncologique (1993), 80(4), 431-437

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See detailLa circonscription électorale fédérale: une approche délibérative de la question
Dodeigne, Jérémy ULiege

Conference (2011, April)

Belgium constitutes a good illustration of Mill’s statement about public opinion in divided societies: “the united public opinion…cannot exist [in a country which citizens] read and speak different ... [more ▼]

Belgium constitutes a good illustration of Mill’s statement about public opinion in divided societies: “the united public opinion…cannot exist [in a country which citizens] read and speak different languages” (1993: 391-7). However, according to Lijphart (2007), sociological and political divisions are not problematic. On the contrary, his seminal work on consociationalism promotes such separations among social groups through power-sharing and self-rule. Concerning its electoral system, Belgium represents a striking case of consociational design; whereas criticised by several due to its consequences on the Belgian political system. Indeed, it implies an ethnicisation of political life while it favours intra-groups’ claims escalation as well as it prevents inter-groups communication. In this respect, the proposal for a federal electoral constituency (FEC) in Belgium was put back on the agenda in 2007. First proposed in 1979, the proposal was quite fairly debated during the electoral campaign and government formation.This proposal offers deliberative perspectives to that question. Indeed, electoral studies do not tackle citizens’ perceptions, at least not directly, nor do they focus on reasons of citizens’ opinions. Yet, a specific deliberative methodology (scenario workshop) can explore this research path. Based on data collected during autumn 2009, we can offer tentative answers to crucial questions relating to citizens’ opinions about the FEC: what do they think? Do they feel involved and concerned by this debate? Do they agree or disagree with the electoral reform proposal? And, more importantly, why do they think so when invited to deliberate with other citizens, politicians and experts? [less ▲]

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See detailLa citadelle de Tournai : rapport d’intervention archéologique
baudru, Pol; Baudry, Antoine ULiege; Pierquin, Philippe

Report (2014)

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See detailLa cité administrative de Liège
Charlier, Sébastien ULiege

in Nouvelles du Patrimoine (Les) (2008), 121

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Peer Reviewed
BRASSEUR, Edmond ULiege; MASTRODICASA, Adrian ULiege; GILLARD, Florence ULiege et al

Poster (2014, January 18)

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See detailLa climatologie comme facteur modifiant du projet urbain
Dupagne, Albert ULiege; Leclercq, Pierre ULiege

in Publications de l'Association Internationale de Climatologie (1995), 8

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See detailLa coccidiose du pigeon
Daube, Georges ULiege

Master's dissertation (1985)

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