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Journal title
International Review of Financial Analysis [2]
International Review of Neurobiology [2]
International Review of Research in Emerging Markets and the Global Economy [3]
International Review of Social Research [1]
International seminar on society and materials [1]
International Small Business Journal [2]
International Society for Experimental Hematology [1]
International Sociological Association Research Committee on Sociology of Migration [1]
International Sociology [1]
International SportMed Journal [1]
International Surgery [1]
International Symposium on CABLE DYNAMICS [1]
International Symposium on Ecology of Aphidophaga [1]
International synopses [1]
International Tax and Public Finance [1]
International Tax and Public Finance [10]
International Transactions in Operational Research [1]
International urogynecology journal [3]
International Urogynecology Journal & Pelvic Floor Dysfunction [8]
International VAt Monitor [1]