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See detailBelgian Report of activity in the frame of the International Association of Geodesy
Bruyninx, Carine; Dehant, Véronique ULiege; Defraigne, Pascale et al

Report (2012)

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See detailSpace Geodesy at the Royal Observatory of Belgium
Beuthe, Michaël; Bruyninx, Carine; Carpentier, Georges et al

in COSPAR report Period 2002-2003 (2004)

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See detailSpace Geodesy Activities of the Section “Time, Earth Rotation and Space Geodesy” of the Royal Observatory of Belgium
Bruyninx, Carine; Warnant, René ULiege; Dehant, Véronique et al

in Earth Observation/Internal Geophysics and Geodesy (2001)

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