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See detailThe Universities of the FWB have a great seal for potential innovation
Morant, Michel ULiege

Article for general public (2019)

Presentation of the LIEU network and the activities and the outcomes of the KTOs of the universities of Federation Wallonia-Brussels. The format is an interview of the Chairman.

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See detailDoes academic research impact our regional economy ?
Morant, Michel ULiege

Article for general public (2018)

The contribution delivers some practical figures of the activities and the results of the LIEU, the network of KTOs of Belgium

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See detailBridging the gap from Academia to business : how companies can help to bridge the gap ?
Morant, Michel ULiege

Conference (2014, September 23)

The contribution describes how large companies can help technology spin offs to get on the market, by explaining some examples form ULg spin off portfolio

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See detailKnowledge Transfer in Human Science : is it relevant ?
Morant, Michel ULiege

Conference given outside the academic context (2011)

The presentation aims at explaining what are the ways for transferring knowledge in human sciences, in comparison with tech transfer in physical or biotech sciences.

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See detail20 ans de formation ! et demain ?
Morant, Michel ULiege

Conference (2011, June 08)

La présentation met en évidence les besoins nouveaux dans les compétences requises pour un gestionnaire de transfert de technologie ou agent de valorisation

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See detail20 ans de valorisation dans l'Espace Wallonie-bruxelles
Morant, Michel ULiege

Conference (2011, June 06)

La présentation brosse 2à années d'évolution des universités en Wallonie en matière de 3e mission, et en particulier de la valorisation économique de la recherche

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See detailUniversity-SME's-Government : combining energies for innovation
Morant, Michel ULiege

Conference (2010, May 04)

How University can play a role in the open innovation process

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See detailLes pôles de compétitivités : une réponse pragmatique permettant d’intégrer le concept d’Open Innovation dans les relations entre universités et entreprises
Morant, Michel ULiege

Conference (2009, March 02)

The paper describe how the Walloon Region applies the open innovation concept for supporting innovative actors, in accordance with the open innovation model.

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Peer Reviewed
See detailAt the crossing of physics and Aercheology : the OSIRIS project
Renotte, Yvon ULiege; Laboury, Dimitri ULiege; Tilkens, Bernard et al

in Europhysics News (2004), 35/6

How physics can help aercheology, including a path to the parket

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